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Pest Control Chemicals
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Pest Control, Pesticide & Insecticide Chemicals

Our company "Friends Fumigation" has providing "Pest Control Services"since 1998 in all over the Karachi, Pakistan. We are proudly addressedour company name in the professional field of "Pesticides &Insecticides".

Aftera great success of Fumigation & Pest Control Services, our company"Friends Fumigation" is looking for Distributors, Wholesalers andRetailers for Pesticide Chemicals.

We prepared formula basedPesticide / Insecticide Chemicals for Pest Control & FumigationServices. These Chemicals are having 100% Guaranteed results.

1- Chemical For General Fumigation (For Cockroaches, Houseflies, Flea, Centipede, etc.)
2- Chemical For Bedbugs
3- Chemical For Termites
4- Chemical For Rats (Rodent Control)

Our all Chemicals are 100% result oriented and most effective. Following are the Prices of Chemicals:

1- Chemical For General Fumigation Price US$ 25.00 (1 Liter)
2- Chemical For Bedbugs Price US$ 30.00 (1 Liter)
3- Chemical For Termites Price US$ 60.00 (1 Liter)
4- Chemical For Rats Price US$ 15.00 (1 Kg )

Details & Specifications Of Chemicals:

1-General Fumigation Chemical (1 Liter) can dilutes in 20 to 30 Liters ofWater. From 1 Liter Chemical you can Fumigation 120 Yards to 240 YardsPremises (Home or Office) through Manual Spray-pump or any other SprayMachine. Once you Fumigate the Home or Office from this Chemical, therewill be no need to use any other Chemical for Cockroaches, Lizards,Fleas, Centipede, etc. for 3 months (or maybe to 6 months). For veryhard dosage, you can dilute this chemical in Kerosene Oil and Fumigatethe place you want. If you will want to dilute this Chemical inKerosene Oil then dilute 1 Liter Chemical in 30 to 40 Liters ofKerosene Oil.

2- Chemical For Bedbugs (1 Liter) can dilutes in15 to 20 Liters of Water and it can be used for 120 Yards (1100 SquareFit) space. For indoor use, dilute it in Water only and spray it on theWooden Furniture, Pillows, Bed-sheets, Mattress, Curtains, etc. It willnot effect any polish of Furniture neither it relief the marks on otherstuff. If you want to Spray it only on Furniture then you can dilute itin Kerosene Oil as well, 1 Liter can be dilute in 15 to 20 Liters ofKerosene Oil.

3-Chemical For Termites (1 Liter) can be used for 120 Yards to 150 YardsPremises for Termite Proofing Treatment with 5 Years Warranty.According to the way of Termite Proofing Treatment, this 1 LiterChemical can secure the Home or Office for 5 Years. 100ml of thisChemical can dilute in 5 to 7 Liters of Water. There is a Scoopattached of 50ml with each 1 Liter Bottle, 2 scoops of Chemical will bediluted in 5 to 7 Liters of Water to Treat the Premises for Termites.

4-Chemical For Rats (1 Kg) can be used for 300 Yards Premises (Home orOffice). This Chemical has special made for Rats, Snakes &Porcupines. We coated the hazardous chemical on Wheat / Grains. Theimportance of this chemical is that if Rat / Mouse eat the Chemical, itwill not die inside or in any hidden place, it will want to take thebreath and fresh air for living, chemical will effect its all internalsystems of breathing and digestions. As you know if any Mouse / Rat hasdie in any hidden place it will cause the extreme bad smell, our thisRodent Control Chemical will kill the Mouse / Rats in Open Air place,it will die in your sight not hideously.

Rightnow we didn't know the actual quantity from your side. Our MinimumOrder Quantity is 100 Liters & 100 KG. All Prices are included withFOB Karachi, Pakistan.

Payment Terms & Methods are BankTransfer or Western Union. After full payment the products will bedelivered within 7 to 10 days only through Air Cargo or DHL CourierService.

Kindly let us know your quantity, if your quantity isbig enough, we will quote you our dealer's prices. We hope to make astrong business relationship with you in near future.


Warm Regards,

Nasir Manzoor
(Sales & Marketing)

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